Clinical Trial Intelligence

Clinical trials intelligence includes experimental & control Drugs, conditions, trial phase, sponsor, collaborator, CRO, trial status, location, gender, age group, principal investigator, study start date, primary completion date, completion date, enrollment size, funded by, primary endpoint, secondary endpoint, endpoint status, trial results and pivotal trial.

Location details with contact name, email and associated organization.

Investigator details with name, email, address, track record and associated organization/hospital.

110,000+ trials, 140,000+ investigations and 250,000+ clinical sites integrated with Drugs, Companies, CRO's and indications.

How this helps you?

Trial feasibility check by CRO, location, condition, enrollment and investigator.

Integrated data solutions with company and drug attributes.

Better informed decisions add to your R&D strategies and management objectives.

User friendly modules, easy exports and global players by your desired data filters always keep for all strategic meetings and presentations.