Drug Intelligence

Pharmaceutical industry has plethora of opportunities and challenges. Research is driving drug development companies with newer diseases and treatment options. Drug pricing is getting challenging for R&D companies, governements and insurance companies.

To address industry opportunities and challenges you need current affecting players in the market. Bridge R&D scientists identify trending topics and covers 360 degree information.

What benefits you:

Global biopharma research, market approvals, regulatory developments and key contacts associated are readily populated to better your strategic decisions.

Our easy-to-use products help you quickly filter thousands of companies to find the most relevant set to inform your research and program strategy - from basic data by country and selected drug research data fields.

Makes you Up-To-Date

Web crawlers and daily news team ensures new data and existing data updates for entire databases. Alerts and customized saved searches helps you posted with timely updates.

Daily insights through email campaign and interview with companies CEO's makes you aware companies planning and strategy.