About Us

We identify and bridge the gap in knowledge sharing by creating and implementing new scientific and technology specificplatform,forums, and products to discuss bottle-neck issues and recent advances which need to be addressed and updated.

We build interactive data intelligence services on drug related activities and ensure up to date information

We provide web API data intelligence services on Drug Research, Clinical Trials, Key Patents, Abstracts, Future Events, Grants, Sales and Forecast by Company and Drug, Manufacturing Services etc.

We build offline tools for research and market strategy support

Database answers below client questions :
  • Are you finding it tedious to search and sort latest pharma related key events?
  • Do you want information on sales and other financial data for drugs of interest?
Our Mission :
  • Overall updates from global pharmaceutical companies related to approvals, deals and launch on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis
  • Financial Data sorted by Deal Value and global sales of drugs of interest
  • Summary of upcoming events related to drugs of interest
  • Organizeconferences,publicationof conference proceedings high quality as well as providing services to young scientists and researchers in the recent updates of research in all fields.

Why Sciinov

Expert Analysis

Turn strategy into execution and results with actionable tools drawn from an unparalleled network of experts and peers.

Strategic Advice

Cut through the noise with one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most.

Contemporary Platform

Our valuable added forum provides an opportunity to connect to a range of stakeholders - from clinicians, hospital directors and quality improvement managers to policy makers and patient safety leads.

Empowering Knowledge

We leading facilitator of meetings for global exchange of professional knowledge in medical, scientific and other professions, based upon our core values of integrity and excellence.


Make the right decisions with forward-thinking insights, verified peer-driven research, and robust metrics and data.

Unique Segmentation

Our experts identify industry trending topics and curate them to provide most powerful and meaningful insights that you can easily understand and act on.