A Leading, Global organizer of scientific events, and provider of regulatory solutions, data intelligence databases, trends & insights

Sciinov Group connects experts with knowledge through the network of events, intelligence databases, and scholarly writings, allowing them to learn more, know more, and do more

Virtual – Online Conferences

Build Connections Virtually

Caucus Centric lets audiences connect, network and participate in interactive sessions. Virtual mode of conference provides global professionals with networking opportunities, educational sessions, and global insights

In Personal & Hybrid Conferences

Traditional Face to Face Format

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away. Siconnects delivers specialist content and live experiences through in-person events to discover solutions and to network ideas.


Data Insights

Colyus Insights offers centralized data repository that caters data intelligence, trends and insights as a service to help organization make informed decisions.


Regulatory Solutions and Services

Delweinc offers flexible Regulatory Information Management solutions that fit all work environments. Our solutions are aimed at industry, health authorities, and academics, and enable compliance enforcement globally.

Our Divisons

Caucus Centric


Colyus Insights